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About Us

We are mainly people in the community of Moormerland, in East Frisia and beyond, who have been active for over 30 years for the benefit of the Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Sukuta (The Gambia).


The Freundeskreis Sukuta- Moormerland e. V. was founded in March 1986 by 15 citizens of the municipality of Moormerland (Leer district) as a non-profit association with the aim of providing children and young people in the village of Sukuta (Republic of Gambia, West Africa) with a qualified education and thus a perspective for their future and a better quality of life.


Initially intended to support the partnership project of the Moormerland School with the Sukuta Primary School in Sukuta, the partnership project "Learning for a better Future" with the Sukuta Secondary Technical School developed from this in 1988.  Since September 2013 it has been called Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School.


How it began...

Holger Schneider, the 1st chairman of the circle of friends, remembers:


"Do you want to teach us German language?"

This question was asked by two young scouts on the first day of my first trip to Gambia in 1981 - and it was to have a significant influence on my future life.

The seriousness and joy with which they pursued their goal impressed me and made me curious...


Since 1986, the Freundeskreis Sukuta-Moormerland e.V. has set itself the goal of promoting educational opportunities for the young generation in Sukuta and thus helping them to have a better future.

We are convinced that education is the key to a better, own, self-determined and independent life, according to Nelson Mandela: ...


The new school library project is nearing completion. We expect the library to be handed over to the school in spring 2021 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer and the association "Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Ostfriesland und der Welt e.V. NEOOW), the circle of friends has launched an initiative under the motto "Learning For A Better Future" with the aim of supporting...


2019 wurde ein Kopiergerät übergeben_

Acquisition of school inventory

Become a member

We are interested in placing our work on a larger basis or in distributing the charitable work among several hands. Therefore, we are looking for new members, active or passive, who will make the project work plannable and stable through their contribution and, in the best case, actively participate in our association work. Everyone who wants to support us in our goals and efforts is welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Do good now and donate ...

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Freundeskreis Sukuta-Moormerland e.V.

Holger Schneider

Neuebeek 96, 26802 Moormerland

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