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About us

Der Verein

The Organisation

We are mainly people in the community of Moormerland, in East Frisia and beyond, who have been active for over 30 years for the benefit of the Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Sukuta (The Gambia).

The Freundeskreis Sukuta- Moormerland e. V. was founded in March 1986 by 15 citizens of the municipality of Moormerland (Leer district) as a non-profit association with the aim of providing children and young people in the village of Sukuta (Republic of Gambia, West Africa) with a qualified education and thus a perspective for their future and a better quality of life.


Initially intended to support the partnership project of the Moormerland School with the Sukuta Primary School in Sukuta, the partnership project "Learning for a better Future" with the Sukuta Secondary Technical School developed from this in 1988.  Since September 2013 it has been called Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School.

The Board of Directors

Holger Schneider, founder and 1st chairman of the circle of friends

Johanne Veentjer, 2nd Chairwoman

Dr. Eberhard Erbslöh, Secretary

Helmut Taaks, Treasurer

Antje Lay, committee member

Joachim Killian, committee member

Alfred Wübbena, committee member

Dr.Anna Stelthove-Fend, Project Manager School Library


How it began...

Holger Schneider, the 1st chairman of the circle of friends, remembers:


"Do you want to teach us German language?"

This question was asked by two young scouts on the first day of my first trip to Gambia in 1981 - and it was to have a significant influence on my future life.

The seriousness and joy with which they pursued their goal impressed me and made me curious.


German lessons at the beach in 1981


So my way to the village of Sukuta led me to the families of these boys and to Sukuta Primary School. The contacts with the families and the teachers of these boys were so effective that the partnership of the school Moormerland (Gem. Moormerland) with the Sukuta Primary School developed in 1985 and in 1988 the partnership of the circle of friends with the Sukuta Secondary Technical School.

First contact with the School in 1987


Our principles and values

Since 1986, the Freundeskreis Sukuta-Moormerland e.V. has set itself the goal of promoting educational opportunities for the young generation in Sukuta and thus helping them to have a better future.

We are convinced that education is the key to a better, own, self-determined and independent life, according to Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world".

That is why we have been supporting our partner school, the Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School, since 1988. At the moment about 2000 pupils* are taught in two shifts in grades 7 to 12. In a close cooperation with the school management and the School Management Committee of the school we realise investments in buildings and teaching and learning materials, which we finance from donations.


This is how the school welcomes its visitors

We work on a voluntary basis, i.e. donations are used in full for the benefit of the respective project. Be assured that your donation will be used precisely and appropriately!


Please read what the Lions Club Leer/ Ems-Leda-Jümme wrote to us:


„... A donation that is intended to support your project in the far away Gambia is usually hardly or not at all visible. You have succeeded in creating total transparency and giving our club the feeling that our donation - in contrast to large donation organisations - is one hundred percent for the intended purpose." (translated from German)

Our partners

Our network for this is based on these pillars:

about 100 active members

the municipality of Moormerland as patron

the "Ehrenamt" staff unit of the Leer district

the prolina foundation

BILD hilft e.V. - "A heart for children

since 2020 close cooperation with the association "Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Ostfriesland und der Welt e.V."(NEOW) and the University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer



Here you will find some Press releases about us.

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