Our projects

More than 30 years have passed since the FSM e. V. was founded in 1986. During this long period of time we have been able to collect more than 120.000€ of donations, which have been invested in the following projects:

  • Construction of classrooms

  • Construction of the Assembly Hall (Aula)

  • Enclosure of the complete school property with a wall of approx. 1 km length

  • Creation of a school garden

  • Construction of an administration building

  • Establishment of a library and library equipment which reflect the life of young Africans*ì in a special way, as well as textbooks for each student of the Upper Basic School in the subjects English, Mathematics, Agriculture and Science

  • Since 2019, the school library has been housed in the new school building, because after the school was extended to the university level, the previous rooms were needed for the construction of new classrooms and therefore the library had to be provisionally accommodated in the Assembly Hall. We expect the new building to be completed in spring 2021.

Current projects

Expansion of the Assembly Hall
Anschaffung von Schulinventar
Acquisition of school inventory
New construction of the school library
New inventory for the library
Construction of a photovoltaic system for the library

Expansion of the Assembly Hall

In order to be able to use it as an event room, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and the stage have to be extended.

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Acquisition of school inventory

There is always a need for inventory for administration and teaching. At the moment we fit out the school with a Covid19 hygiene set, consisting of 2400 mouth and nose masks, sufficient soap and disinfectants.


New construction of the school library

In spring 2021 the new school library will finally open its doors for the students* of Sukuta Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School. Even though the Corona pandemic prevents a celebration, the joy is great, because books are not as easily accessible in Gambia as in Germany. There are only a few libraries or bookstores and books are so expensive that most students* cannot afford them. The school library gives all children access to reading and teaching materials - regardless of their parents' purse.


Since 2001 FSMeV has been supporting the school library by purchasing books, shelves, tables and benches. It also pays part of the salaries of the employees.


When the library burned down in 2007, a new building was not possible for financial reasons. Therefore the books were provisionally housed in a classroom. FSMeV financed a new roof for it, prepared the room and - and above all - bought new books.


In 2015 the planning of a new library building could be started. The School Management Committee, the school management, the Gambian Ministry of Education and committed members of the association took part in the project. When the financing by the Gambian state and the FSMeV was clarified, the new building was started in 2019.

Students like to use the library.

In January 2007 the library was destroyed by a fire.

The library gets a roof.

Students like to use the library.


New inventory for the library

The library focuses on books from Gambia or other African countries with stories that relate to the children's lives. Books for the teaching of English, mathematics, agriculture or science are purchased in such numbers that each child has a copy available. In addition, literary works, further literature for various subjects and reference works can be found on the shelves.    


The books are in English because all subjects - reading and writing or mathematics and chemistry - are taught in English and not in the mother tongue of the pupils* (e.g. Mandinka, Wolof). This makes learning immensely difficult, which is why children in The Gambia have to work especially hard to be good at school.


The workstations in the library are also used for doing homework. At home there is often no place to study in peace. As the pupils* are taught in two shifts in the morning and afternoon, the library is open all day. This is possible because FSMeV finances a part of the salaries for the two employees.


Because former pupils* or children from other schools in the area also use the library, it has developed into a small learning centre. And this development will be reinforced by the new fit out.

There are many books within the book shelves.

Many books are up to date.

There are many books within the book shelves.


Construction of a photovoltaic system for the library

The library will be fit out with internet and computers. Via WLAN, teachers and pupils* can also access the internet with their own mobile devices. This gives them access to actual news. This is a big step forward for both teachers and pupils. A stable power supply is a prerequisite for the reliable operation of the computers. A photovoltaic system is therefore to be installed on the roof of the new library.


The solar power is used not only to power the computers but also the lighting and the fans for the fresh air supply without burdening the tight school budget.


The School Management Committee, the school management and FSM e.V. are cooperating in the planning and implementation of the project with the Emden-Leer University of Applied Sciences and the Association for Sustainable Development in East Frisia and the World (NOE W). For more information please click here .


Financing for the costs of approx. 30,000 € still has to be found.

Therefore we ask you for your support. If you would like to donate and thus do something good, please click here.